ZEPHIRO / New Album “Baikonur” Released

foto Zephiro 5 by Serena De Angelis

“Baikonur” is the title of the new Zephiro album released on February 25, 2022 by kuTso Noise Home / Artist First. Listen/Order at this link.

A launch pad is just what it takes to embark on a sonic journey. Baikonur is none other than the cosmodrome from which the Soviet space missions departed, including that of the unfortunate dog Laika honored in “Cosmorandagio”. The post-punk dress in wave color creates a subliminal but powerful link between the many variations of the journey: the amazement of the discovery with “Amelia” and “Kublai Khan”, the introspection of “Berlinauta”, the evasion of “Fino alla Fine” and the illusion of the eternal return of “Crisalide”. To enrich the listening, there is a featuring with Miro Sassolini, historical voice of the Diaframma, in the closing entrusted to “Di Nostalgia” “.

At Mix and mastering there is Fabrizio Simoncioni with the assistance of Marco Romanelli at The Garage Studio (Arezzo, Italy) and at DPoT Recording Arts (Prato, Italy). The sounds are typical of the new wave band that forges its sound in an evocative mix between Franco Battiato, The Cure and Tears For Fears.

Zephiro is a new wave band from Rome active since 2002 and led by Claudio Todesco. They wink at British post-punk with lyrics in Italian and sometimes in Japanese. In 2006 they released their first self-produced album “Immagina un Giorno”. In 2012 they released the EP “Kawaita Me” containing two songs in Japanese. The live activity is intense with more than 300 gigs, four Japan Tours, three gigs in New York two in Buenos Aires. They win italian competitions such as Un Palco per il MEI, Rock Targato Italia and Videofestival Live. Open to Negrita and Max Gazzè, Carl Palmer, Garbo, Diaframma, Neon and Riccardo Sinigallia. They choose Iceland as the location for two music videos related to the album “Baikonur” – kuTso Noise Home label – which sees Claudio Todesco on guitar, Claudio Desideri on vocals and bass and Leonardo Sentinelli on drums. From 2019 Francesco Chini returns to vocals and bass.

Contacts: www.zephiro.org



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