Marc Ysaye: arriva in Italia il suo album “Back to Avalon”.

Marc YSaye -Photo_Pierre_Tromme-CMJNVrec Music Label si apre all’Europa e firma il primo artista internazionale del proprio catalogo: si tratta del cantautore belga Marc Ysaye conosciuto in patria come ex batterista/cantante della più grande prog-band del Belgio, i Machiavel. Il suo nuovo album “Back to Avalon”, già best seller in patria, è da oggi pubblicato e distribuito in Italia, Svizzera e San Marino da Vrec / Audioglobe grazie alla collaborazione con la società editoriale belga Arto Music. Disponibile in versione CD / LP (d’importazione) e negli store digitali.

Due sono i singoli estratti: “Rollin’ Machine”, che ha anticipato il disco, ed il nuovissimo “What I Deserve” disponibile da oggi.

Marc Ysaye è un uomo passionale: la musica è tutta la sua vita. Non a caso è fondatore e direttore della radio nazionale Classic 21 con cui promuove il blues ed il classic rock. 

Dopo oltre  45 anni di carriera con i Machiavel, Ysaye sente l’esigenza di realizzare un album solista. Un vero e proprio esordio in cui coinvolge gli amici di sempre: Christophe Pons chitarrista dei Machiavel anche co-autore di diversi brani, Marcus Weymaere (già batterista dei Alain Pire Experience e dei Fish On Friday) e Loris Tils al basso.

Dei nove brani presenti nell’album, sei sono stati co-scritti da Marc e Christophe Pons, due da Piet Goddaer (Ozark Henry) e una cover di un titolo poco conosciuto degli Eagles «Bitter Creek» completa la lista.

01. The Night Is Done; 02. Back to Avalon; 03. What I Deserve; 04. The Lonely Roads; 05. Sing for Everything; 06. Gt It On; 07. Bitter Creek; 08. Rollin’ Machine; 09. Song for A.

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Back to Avalon – Track Listing comments.

The night is done – I wrote this song about the difficulty we sometimes have to understand each other. Most of the people go on when it’s too late. This moment the sky is falling on your head, then you can say the night is done…

Back to Avalon – Piet Goddaer (aka Ozark Henry) let me use one of his original songs. Avalon is for me an imaginary place where I can rest and hyde when I need it. This place is in my head but it makes me feel stronger and younger. This is of course based on the Legend of King Arthur.

What I deserve – I really love this song, based on a very slow tempo and my own experience of life. I think that even worst people have always a part of good inside. This is of course also valid for me. Sometimes you win sometimes you loose. It’s nobody’s fault but yourse and often you get what you deserve. 

The lonely roads – There’ s always an ocean between you and the rest of the world, surely when a beautiful story ends up. Broken hearts exists and they always carry their pain all alone. I wanted to cross sad lyrics with happy melody and happy music.

Sing for everything  is an other Ozark Henry’s song with beatiful lyrics by american writer Clifford Goldmacher This is a real song of hope with a very high poetic level. I particulary love the line

 « Sing for everything that was not, sing for everything thet was »

Get it on – Maybe the hardest song on the album, we always have great fun to play that song on stage. Christophe Pons who plays guitar in Machiavel did a great job on this song. Marie Delsaux sang great backing vocals. I was very lucky to work with great musicians on my album. Marcus Weymaere on drums and Loris Tils on bass. The song simply talks about the music I like. 

Bitter Creek – I‘ve always wanted to record my own version of that early Eagles classsic song. Written by Bernie Leadon in 1972 this song remains very modern. Backing vocals are sung with two french singers adn friends of mine Skye and Claire Joseph.They did a great Job. Back to the roots !

Rollin Machine – This song has great success when we play it on stage. I wanted a very simple and basic Rock’n Roll song on my album. It talks about days that are definitly gone now. This is typically the kind of music I love.

Song for A This an instrumental song written by the late Albert Letecheur ( 1952-2004) and myself a long time ago. I like the melody of the chorus. This could have been composed for a film but the song was never released exept to day on my first solo album. Albert had co founded Machiavel in 1975.



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